Welcome to Beecher P.A.K.T……


P.A.K.T. is a free nonprofit organization that teaches youths the art of Shorei Ryu Karate. 

Sensei, Juan Hernandez is a 7th degree black belt, 6-time National Champion, a former wrestler and a former member of the U.S. Karate Team.  Sensei Hernandez put together a bare bones pilot program in November 2005 and today the P.A.K.T. program has 49 kids enrolled.  

We share with you the excitement and great anticipation of your advancement in the study of Martial Arts.  The instruction of Shorei Karate can provide the following benefits:

The emphasis of our program is on establishing discipline and courtesy in the student.  The structure of respect is built into Karate instruction, with bowing to the teacher and obeying their instruction without question.

The program builds confidence and character by providing the student with control over his or her body and an ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.

The movements of Karate develop coordination and increases strength and flexibility, which is very important during the growing years of our younger students.

The awarding of the higher levels of Karate belts gives the student a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  We keep this very much in mind.  Training for belt tests and passing them enhances the students’ ability to concentrate, plan for and triumph over learning hurdles.  This is an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for school.

Karate instruction also involves free-style competition.  This helps develop a sense of fair play in a controlled competitive situation.

The foundation of Karate is its self-defense value.  We are very careful to teach students that Karate is not to be used outside the Karate class in a manner other than in true self-defense.  And finally, Karate is good, clean fun – a great way for children to burn off extra energy.

We believe strongly in the value of our program for all ages – especially for the young, who can gain much benefit from Karate for the rest of their lives.

Yours in the Martial Arts,
Sensei Juan Hernandez